Creating the Header

Creating my header was certainly a difficult experience. I decided to go with downloading GIMP. For as much as I understand the concept of photo-editing and other aspects such as cropping, it was very difficult for me to figure out how to perform most of these functions, and I am currently left with a very rough draft of my header. I tried to find images that could be used together to sort of create a “larger-than-life” feel, obviously just for the fun of it since it is just a baseball blog. I experimented with using the airbrush to create a shade effect but realized a portion of the way through that I didn’t have the experience to pull it off. It took me about a half an hour to find both of my images so they would fit into the dimensions, and then it took me about two hours overall to create the final product. There are still a few details that need to be fixed. I need to fully blend the background of my world series trophy so it isn’t so obviously cropped out of a different picture. I need to figure out how to make the header on my website better, as I have continued to have difficulty with that. Overall, this was a neat experience as far as stretching my mind creatively in order to think of new ideas for the site, if nothing else. I enjoyed looking at all of the different options I had as far as the editing went, and was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to navigate through the GIMP systems. That beings said, like most of my project thus far, a lot is still a work in progress. I’m hoping to learn more and clear up some of my confusion throughout the rest of the semester.


One thought on “Creating the Header

  1. I admit that it is easy to indulge in all the different customization options that the photo editing software provide. By the way, I think it is not necessary that the dimensions of the picture for the header are exactly the default dimensions…?


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