Creating the Commercial

Like with much of what we’ve done with these blogs so far, I was very nervous to create my commercial. I’ve never really put myself out there creatively, and having to do so vocally had me quite shaken. Much of the battle for me was pushing myself to actually get to work, as finding my music was pretty easy. I enjoyed creating a script to advertise the commercial, even though I was nervous to start. It was an interesting process to have to try and think of ways to talk about the website and baseball without coming off as disingenuous or forced. Recording my audio was probably the most difficult part of the ordeal. I was not crazy about how I sounded on the recording, as I’m sure many aren’t. It was also difficult to figure out the right volumes to put all the tracks at in hopes that they wouldn’t just clash with each other in the final product. I did not expect there to be as many different tools as there were for all the functions. Reciting the lines, too, was slightly harder than I initially would have expected. However, a pleasant surprise for me was how easily I got used to using the recording software. I downloaded Audacity, and I was kind of worried about getting lost in all the different options as I had never really worked with these kinds of things before. However, despite how simple the work we have done might be, I was still very happy to find that it did not take me very long to learn all the steps that lead to me creating the intro. It was certainly the easiest time I’ve had this far, in regards to the softwares we’ve used. All in all, though I’m not in love with the commercial itself, I ended up having an easier time making it than I thought I would.
My commercial can be viewed here.


6 thoughts on “Creating the Commercial

  1. Recording my audio is also the most difficult part for me LOL I think you have done a great job! In my opinion, your choice of songs suits your blog theme perfectly. However, I also think your commercial ends quite suddenly. Maybe you can make some changes about that!


  2. I really enjoy baseball too as a casual admirer of the sport but maybe not as a fan as you are. Your commercial really sells the idea about your blog on the topic of the sport, as evident by the opening music. If I had any criticisms is that the audio was not the best quality, but I’m nitpicking at this point. Also, you dont speak until 30 seconds into the commercial, and thats actually quiet a bit of time of people just waiting around listening to hear someones voice. I do agree that it ends abruptly just as I was getting invested.


  3. I like how the music that you chose really sounded like it could’ve been for a blog about baseball, it was really fitting. The commercial was put together really well although, like others said the audio could’ve been better, but it was still well made!


  4. As a former baseball player and continued fan I loved the commercial! Fantastic choices in music to fit the theme of your blog. I would try to get your microphone to be a bit clearer as it made it hard to understand what you were saying.


  5. Great music choice! It gives that old-school ballpark vibe. A tip would be to raise the music volume a little more and move your mic further away from your mouth while you’re recording. I think it would help with your sound quality, and perhaps adding it sooner so that listeners are getting to hear more than just 30 seconds of quiet music in the beginning.


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