Creating the Screencast

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       Although it only took me about a half hour, I enjoyed my time creating the screencast. I initially had a difficult time thinking of a website that I could use for the assignment, as it felt like a such a broad task to take on. Eventually, I just decided to look up blogs in general and see what sites interested me. The blog I found was about how one should go about making a blog, which I found fitting for the class. I initially noticed the taps at the top of the site, along with the fittingly plain header. I appreciated that while the tabs were not exactly what we’ve learned to make them, they still seemed to cover all of the same bases. I then noticed the links on the side of the page, which would bring the reader down to the specific section of the article attached to the link when clicked. I feel this skill would come in handy in many scenarios. I could see it being used as an easy way to give a presentation to a group of people whether it be a video, a slideshow, or just scrolling through a website such as this one. I could also see it being useful when trying to educate people who you are not with, like if they are watching a video you sent them. In this vein, I believe that Youtubers or people using some other form of communicating with a larger audience could make use of program like this. I don’t know how it could be included into their already existing videos, but I could see it as being a much easier way to record a screen than to actually have to record the screen using a camera. All in all, it was pretty easy as well as being an enjoyable experience.



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