Overall Blog Experience So Far

     Going into this class, I will admit that I did not know exactly what to expect. All I really knew was that I’d become acquainted with software that I had never used before, but I didn’t know what I would be using them for. Even we got our first assignment, I didn’t think it would be any more than a one-and-done thing. The experience as a whole has been mixed. I have had some trouble from a creative standpoint, as I have never done work like this before, and ordinarily have trouble putting myself out there creatively as it is. There have been some growing pains, such as getting used to recording myself. However, it has been very rewarding to figure out how to use these software, not only for the purposes of the class but also figuring out little ways that I can make use of them in the future. Even the screencast, which at this point has not become an integral part of the blog-making process, was a lot of fun to finish and has gotten me to think of the possible ways I can use it for work in the future. Plus, it’s been neat to see how different everybody’s blogs have been so far, in design and focus.


2 thoughts on “Overall Blog Experience So Far

  1. I completely agree. It’s a little nerve-wracking at first to put yourself out there and have other people listening to your voice in things like the screencast and commercial, but these experiences only help you in developing your skills. It’s great that you’ve gotten more used to it and are more comfortable now. I think it’ll definitely get easier as you keep working on these things and seeing what other people are doing with theirs! It definitely shows as well in your work.


  2. I really resonated with your blogging experience for this course. Although I’ve blogged in the past, it was to an audience of people who I didn’t know in real life. A way to ease the nerves is to consider that everyone is in the same boat with this assignment; we are all, for the most part, being pushed out of our comfort zones.


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