I admit, this week’s prompt is a little hard for me to answer. I’ve posted about it before in a discussion post, but I don’t have any social media accounts. I understand the basic purposes and layouts for all of them, but I don’t really know any of the deeper uses that people might use them for. Therefore, I really don’t know the best ways to advertise a blog using them. However, I’ll do my best in assuming that sites like Facebook and Twitter have specific sites about sports. I’m sure there are some that upload photos or posts of the events of the games, while there is a comment section below those posts where a lot of people make their own individual comments. However, especially on twitter, I feel that extended conversation would be hard in these cases. Therefore, I suppose that people could advertise a site like mine in a comment section like those, which could potentially attract more readers due to the prospect of a better form of communication. Ultimately, it could help my page by bringing in new readers, it would help the readers by providing them with a better space to have more complex and in-depth conversation, and it would also start simply by marketing the site in a like-minded area.


3 thoughts on “Promoting

  1. I think most traffic you would get would just be from people sharing blog posts they like or agree with directly onto their pages. I feel like link sharing in the comments isn’t as common as link sharing onto people’s Facebook pages. I don’t think it would be hard at all to share your content: you’re talking about America’s favorite pastime!


  2. You’re correct that if you post about a certain topic, and one of your audience members finds a post on a social media website abut the same topic, they could just share the link to your blog in a way to say “here’s more information about this” or “check out what this person has to say about this concept” and it’s a great way to bring more traffic to your blog.


  3. In terms of having a conversation with others about a blog post you did, I think Facebook would be the best website for that particular reason. On Facebook, people would share articles that would spark conversations in their comment sections.


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