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       Browsing through the Know Your Meme logs, it was tough to find really any relevant memes that were baseball related. It is right before the season is about to begin, so not much is going on in the baseball world other than waiting. The one that I chose is not really a relevant moment as much as it is sort of a way of summing up my feelings on a certain thing. This is a picture of Jack White, musician and former lead singer of The White Stripes, looking sad at a Chicago Cubs game. Many of the details of the meme itself don’t really matter, but if I could have figured out how to make the meme myself, I would have included a caption that referenced the current situation with the current Commissioner, Rob Manfred, trying to make a bunch of changes the rules of baseball. In short, the Commissioner has been trying to cultivate a greater following of the game by making the games shorter and more “exciting.” While some of the points are valid, I have two main problems with his mission. First, many of the ideas he has will not result in any significant change in the way the game is played. Second, even if he did make a dent in how long the average game takes, I personally find it very hard to believe that many people would want to watch a baseball game if it was two-and-a-half hours long instead of three hours. I don’t really know if this meme would be super helpful to my blog in any other way than that it may attract some people who share the same viewpoint as myself.


2 thoughts on “Know Your Meme

  1. I think the fact that you chose a person sitting at a baseball game still makes it relevant to your blog. I also like how it sums up your feelings so it fits both. It was interesting to read about the length of baseball games because I never thought about it before and I didn’t know there was a controversy behind it. The image looks like a lot of people found use it for “current mood” memes.


  2. My dad is a big baseball fan and therefore has pushed me to be one growing up. Your description of what Manfred has been attempting to do combined with this meme made me laugh. At least the start of the season is just around the corner!


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