Fair Use

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This image was borrowed from flickr.com

This picture is a collection of hat designs that somebody created. Looking through the image results, this one caught my eye because I enjoyed that the creator was taking a stance on something relatively little. It’s nice just to consider the little things, especially when it comes to something like baseball. Also, I enjoyed some of the designs that the creator preferred over the current state of them. As far as why it’s okay for me to use this picture, we can look at the four sections of the fair use checklist. In the purpose section, if “comment” means I’m commenting on it, then I guess I can use it because I am talking about the image rather than just showing it. For “Nature,” I believe the saying using it is contributing to my favorable educational objectives (since I’m using it for this class, after all) would protect the use of this image. For “amount,” I am only using this picture instead of a lot of this person’s work, which could protect it under “small quantity.” Finally, for “effect,”it seems like there would be no effect on the market for this image by using it on my blog, but that one obviously depends on how big a blog using an image is.


4 thoughts on “Fair Use

  1. For one, this is a really inspirational design. I think it really fits well with the theme of your blog overall. You also broke down into detail about each of the fair uses than I did, which is really good to know


  2. Good point that it does depend on the size of the audience of the particular blog that uses the image. A really popular blog would probably and intentionally effect the market.


  3. I like that you went into a lot of detail about the different ways it could violate fair use, a lot of other people didn’t go into that degree of detail. I like that you mentioned the size of your blog, too. Although, in my opinion I don’t even think if your blog was a lot bigger that it would be a problem (opposed to doing something like using an image of a specific player at bat). Good job!


  4. I really liked the image that you used. It was cool because it related to baseball and was somewhat artistic as well. It’s interesting to see all of the different hats and their designs next to each other especially as the season starts up.


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