Peanutize Me

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I decided to go with the Peanutize website. I really enjoyed that we got to do this. I didn’t know this site existed, but I’ve loved the peanuts specials since I was little so this was a nice little thing to do. The first step was choosing skin tone, and I think my skin is tanner than average for most of the year. The next step was the hair, which I thought I would have more trouble with but ended up finding hair that looked pretty similar to mine. Next were the facial features, where I went with happy looking eyes and eyebrows and the default smile. The next step was the clothes, which wasn’t too hard to figure out. I usually where pretty bland clothes, so it was just a matter of looking for things that I could find accurate colors for. I decided to go with the yellow background, to keep in line with the advertising for the movie. Overall, I think it came out pretty well. It’s kind of hard to find anything super distinguishable about myself to put onto the character, but I think it was overall a pretty accurate depiction, as well as a pretty fun process.


2 thoughts on “Peanutize Me

  1. haha this post made me laugh. This really brought back some great memories and ideas for future blogs using a Peanuts character! I agree that it was a fun assignment and something that I really enjoyed doing.


  2. I myself chose the PowerPuff Girl creator so it’s nice to see someone who went with the other option! I didn’t expect the photo to be such high quality and thought it was going to look more like the original cartoon characters. I’m glad you enjoyed working on this because I had a blast working on mine!


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