As far as I can tell, much of what makes my blog similar to many others comes down to the basics that we talked about early in the course. Many of them have all you need to know when getting into the site on the front page or, at worst, one click away. Many also have their pages arranged in a way that is very easy to navigate and is kept as simple as possible while not feeling too vague. As far as content goes, what others and mine (hopefully) have in common is that they are rooted in a passion for the game and are (in my case, will soon be) created in a way that injects an enthusiasm for the game. There also some ways where my blog differs from others on the web. Many that I see are very much about keeping others up to date on statistics, and many of the posts are simply updating certain statistics and trends in the league. I intend for my site, while still keeping up with those things, to be a little more conversational and open. All in all, there is still a decent way to go in terms of making my blog individual from an area where there is already so many examples and so much to choose from.


2 thoughts on “Differentiating

  1. I think you bring up a good point from the perspective of someone who visits your blog and is able to interact with it. It is really all about the user experience that helps to differentiate your site from others.


  2. I think it is key to keep the website simple and clear while make it comfortably colorful at the same time. As for the content, I totally agree that the goal (if there is any) is to generate interest in others.


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