It’s kind of interesting to look back on the last couple of months and see the progress in the website. From a design standpoint, not much has changed. I haven’t really had the time/felt the need to revise the way that the page is set up as I feel like it is overall pretty easy to navigate. Still, I feel like the assignments have been a very good way of easing into the process of posting entries to the blog in the future, as I’ve really enjoyed the weekly post assignments giving me a chance to learn how to get my opinions across. Something I’m looking forward to taking part in in the future and admit I haven’t gotten to do very much is post about baseball-related topics. I try to find ways to integrate the posts into the weekly assignments, but I have only really been able to do so with the meme assignment, where I get to speak a little on how I felt the commissioner was handling the task of time control in baseball. It has also been interesting to be more aware of the tags I use for each of my posts and making sure they are relevant enough.


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