Meet The Editor

I’m Quintin Colabella. Most of my schooling took place in Easton, Pennsylvania as part of the Easton Area School District. Now,  I’m a third year junior at Rutgers University, currently pursuing a Psychology degree with a minor in sociology. Every day I learn something in a subject I truly enjoy and look forward to pursuing in the future. However, if I could do anything I wanted to, something in baseball would be very high on the list. Ever since I was first starting school, I’ve been fascinated by baseball, and have spent the better part of my life learning the history of the game. As I’ve gotten older, once I felt I knew enough about said history, I started to try to understand other aspects of the game, such as the intangibles of players and the financial side of the game. Because of this, I feel that it would be an enjoyable experience for me to create an area for discussion of America’s pastime.